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SOPSSpace Operations
SOPSStructured Organic Particulate Systems
SOPSSingapore Offshore Petroleum Services (Singapore)
SOPSSatellite Operations Squadron (USAF)
SOPSSpecial Operations Power Sources
SOPSStochastic Optimization in Policy Space
SOPSSchool of Photography Singapore
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SOP on SOPs and how to ensure conciseness, consistency and ease of use.
The 19th SOPS was total force integration before there was such a thing as TFI," Colonel Feltman said.
The primary source of data used in the allocation of the PPI commodity SOP weights is the "Use of commodities by industries, before redefinition," table included in the Benchmark Input-Output Accounts of the United States, 2002, published by BEA.
The use of an SOP promotes quality through consistent implementation of a risk management process.
The SOP will provide guidance on reporting financial highlights and schedule of investments by nonregistered investments partnerships.
The following examples illustrate the application of SOPs 97-2 and 98-9 to multiple element arrangements depending upon whether VSOE exists for all elements to the arrangement.
Two years ago, a much publicized Princeton University study concluded that vegetation within the continental United States can, like a sponge, sop up virtually all of the carbon dioxide spewed by domestic fossil fuel burning (SN: 11/21/98, p.
SOPs should be established not only to address those expectations but also to address the technical aspects of care, i.
Properly creating and reviewing existing SOPs is a critical mandate for compliance teams," said Ryan McGuire, research team leader at Cutting Edge Information.
Assess and recommend any additional areas of Public Works Operations not identified in this RFP that would require SOPs and/or CalOSHA required policies/procedures.
SOP LIBRARY--A Logistics SOP Library (more than 90 SOPs/TACSOPs):