SOPTSelf-Ordered Pointing Task (aging)
SOPTSpecial Orientation of Primary Teachers (India)
SOPTSerum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase
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LOGMEM I - Immediate on 2/7 measures: 2013 [72] LOGMEM II - Delayed LOGMEM I - Immediate * TMT A LOGMEM II - Delayed * TMTB COWAT FAS BDI Edwards et UFOV SOPT > waitlist improvement al.
This company suffered a drop in the reputation indexes when the public was informed that it has paid bribes abroad violating the FCPA anti-corruption law of the United States (Blanck, Castelo-Branco, Cho & Sopt, 2013).
2005 Abbreviations: CANTAB, Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery; CMS, Children's Memory Scale; CMS Numbers-B, Children's Memory Scale Numbers Backward; DB, Digits Backward; FWT-B, Finger Windows Test Backward; NA, not available; PASAT, Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task; PM, Porteus Maze; ROCF, Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Task; RT, reaction time; SeS, sentence span; SOPT, Self-Ordered Pointing Task; SpS, spatial span; SpS-B, Spatial Span Backward; SST, stop signal time; Stroop, Stroop Color-Word test; SWM, spatial working memory; Trails-B, Trail Making Test Part B; TOH, Tower of Hanoi; TOL, Tower of London; VWM, verbal working memory; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; WCST, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.
However, traffic grows more than GDP (the SOPT figure is 1.
The SOPT adheres to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (for details of the test, see Lee, 2000).