SOQStatement Of Qualifications
SOQSailor of the Quarter
SOQStandard of Quality
SOQSilicon on Quartz
SOQSituational Outlook Questionnaire (Orchard Park, NY; organizational climate assessment)
SOQSuggested Order Quantity (inventory)
SOQSigne Officiel de Qualité (French: Official Sign of Quality)
SOQSoldier of the Quarter
SOQSenior Officer Quarters
SOQSignature of Quality (business assessment)
SOQStandard Order Quantity
SOQSpecial Opening Quote (stock market)
SOQService-Oriented Query
SOQSchedule of Quantities (various organizations)
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Participants read and agreed to informed consent, and then completed the demographics questionnaire, the SOQ, the DMS, the RSES, the BAS, and the MDI in a single session lasting approximately 20 minutes.
Participants responded to SOQ items based on a 5-point Likert scale ranging from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree".
As a result of the program, SOQ firms have increased sales by 28 percent and have penetrated 132 new markets.
Tukey HSD tests revealed that, for all three SOQ subscales, the contact and non-contact sport athletes scored significantly (p < .
Under the transaction, the state will sell a pool of property assets to SoQ Sukuk A.
SOHU ICQ, or SOQ in short, is a newly designed, proprietary version of Internet Messenger which enables users to personalize and customize their ICQ.
The authors concluded that the SOQ is reliable and valid (Gill & Deeter, 1988; Gill, Dzewaitowski, & Deeter, 1988).
Notes: Questions regarding this SOQ or the planned projects should be addressed to: Mr.
The SOQ has been widely used with competitive sport participants, and Gill and colleagues (Gill, 1993; Gill & Deeter, 1988; Gill & Dzewaltowski, 1988) provided good evidence for its reliability and validity.
Initial work on the construct validation of the SOQ indicated that sport participants scored higher on the competitiveness subscale than nonsport participants (Gill & Deeter, 1988).
Distance runners (n=80), ranging from 10 to 61 years old completed race packets containing a cover letter, consent forms, the SOQ and a demographic questionnaire.
An SOQ is due to the Town by 4PM on December 16, 2015.