SORAKSpecial Operations Radio Antenna Kit
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She says you have angered her, and that is all she will say, except that she is the daughter of a jed and the grand- daughter of a jeddak and she has been humiliated by a creature who could not polish the teeth of her grandmother's sorak.
I pondered over this report for some time, finally asking, "What might a sorak be, Sola?
Ever did I think you carried the heart of a sorak in your putrid breast.
Sorak as a venue for talks with North Korea on revitalizing a tourism project at Mt.
Stjepanovic, countryman Stefan Sorak and Portugal's Tiago Venancio are the three UAE-based swimmers from Hamilton Aquatics competing at the British Swimming Championships this week -- a competition that is among the few selection trial events remaining ahead of the London Olympics.
Global Banking News-2 October 2008-Maybank completes acquisition of Sorak Financial Holdings(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
Gain on disposal of associate, Sorak Financial Holdings Pte Ltd, USD80.
5 billion to Fullerton Financial Holdings a shareholder of Sorak Financial Holdings.
Velimir Stjepanovic and Stefan Sorak, who will be representing Serbia, and Tiago Venancio, competing under the Portugal flag, left for the British Swimming Championships that will be held at London's brand new wave-like Aquatic Centre from March 3-10.
in 2007 to dispose of the Group's stake in Sorak Financial Group Holding Pte
But this enthusiastic and hard-working core group who train at Hamilton Aquatics persisted in the next two rounds of the championship in Stockholm and Moscow, and at least two of them -- Stefan Sorak and Velimir Stjepanovic -- both Serbians took the gold and silver medals in the 1,500m freestyle.
Singapore's Temasek Holding through its subsidiary Sorak Financial Holdings Pte Ltd wants to sell its stake in publicly listed bank PT Bank International Indonesia (BII) to South Korea's largest bank, Kookmin Bank, which also has a 25% stake in Sorak Financial.