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SORALSteward Observatory Radio Astronomy Laboratory (University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ)
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sori round and sunken; the soral impressions adaxially visible), and lack of scaly paraphyses (scaly paraphyses present and numerous)--Figs.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkey is headed toward a major economic crisis, warned former United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey Director Bartu Soral, speaking to the BugE-n daily in a report released Thursday.
During the [ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party)] period, Turkey experienced a Tulip Era when it comes to growth; however, the economy was actually imploding," said Soral, referring to a period in the first half of the 18th century during which the Ottoman Empire enjoyed relative peace and prosperity and tulips were supremely popular, dotting the imperial capital of Constantinople at the time.
There are three things that come to mind when describing the Turkish economy during the AK Party's tenure: borrowing, the foreign trade deficit and the current account deficit [CAD]," said Soral, pointing to the fact that while Turkey held $129 million in foreign debt when the AK Party came to power in 2002, that number skyrocketed to $402 million within 12 years.
The telecom companies whose mobile signals are reaching within India are Veridatel, Oasis Pak, Telenor, PKPL, Pak Pal Mobilink, U-phone, PT Soral, Hutch etc.
Nightclub entrepreneur Gaurav Soral ( Turquoise Cottage, Vasant Vihar) points to the number of bouncers at Delhi's party spots and asks: " Have you seen so many of them in Mumbai nightclubs?
The sequential quarter decline mainly reflects the absence of mark-to-market gains on power- related derivatives at the Company's 50 per cent-owned SORAL joint venture in Norway.
Christ is characterized as being terrestrial or rupestral, stems decumbent to erect, with broad, brownish or sometimes pink, nearly concolorous scales, monomorphic or dimorphic fronds, densely covered with scales abaxially, areolate venation without included veinlets, sporangia borne in an exindusiate soral band on and between the veins.
In 2008, Rio Tinto Alcan began a series of production curtailments at the Dunkerque (France), Lochaber (United Kingdom), Lynemouth (United Kingdom), and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (France) smelters and at its SORAL (Norway) joint venture.