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SORBSex Offender Registry Board (Massachusetts)
SorbSorbian (linguistics)
SORBSpecial Operations Recruiting Battalion (US DoD)
SORBSave Our Riverfront Bushland (Australia)
SORBSubsistence Operations Review Board
SORBSecure Object Request Broker
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The capacity of soil to sorb P has a large effect both on the amount of fertiliser P needed for near-maximum yields (Ozanne and Shaw 1967) and, for the Colwell procedure in particular, on the critical value required for soil-test P (Moody 2007).
3) At this point, units (assets under your headquarter's control) are tasked and higher assets are requested based on SORB.
The data was obtained from the videotapes by trained observers using the SORB.
When Kosyk left for America in 1883, however, his reasons were quite personal, and he sailed into the new world as a lone and i ndependent Sorb.
Decide' requires an assessment of the capacity of soil to sorb P because P sorption greatly influences plant yield response curves to applied P fertilisers (Ozanne and Shaw 1967) and calibration of Colwell soil test P used by the 'Decide' model (Moody 2007).
We ordered one pudding from the selection -- Swiss strawberry ice cream with passion fruit sorb et and Amoretti biscuit -- and polished it all off with espressos.
Tree Sorb quickly garnered impressive sales records resulting in the launch of this revolutionary new program.
TERRA plant growth stimulator SORB complex or equivalent.
Colwell soil test P values are strongly influenced by the capacity of soil to sorb P (Barrow and Shaw 1976).
After what we'd eaten, a small sorb et or fruit salad would have been perfect, but it's not available.
new designs and approaches for using this mineral will be jointly developed that may significantly enhance its utility to sorb crude oil on coastal wetland/salt marsh surfaces.
The easiest way is to Google SORB and then follow the link to the Massachusetts Web site," Chief Roddy said.