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SORBSimple Orb
SORBSex Offender Registry Board (Massachusetts)
SORBSorbian (linguistics)
SORBSpecial Operations Recruiting Battalion (US DoD)
SORBSave Our Riverfront Bushland (Australia)
SORBSubsistence Operations Review Board
SORBSecure Object Request Broker
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Prior to this time, the Sorbs had an oral language not yet converted into writing.
PBI requires that either Colwell or Olsen soil test P be added to the amount of P sorbed to estimate P previously sorbed from past P fertiliser applications (Burkitt et al.
The highly polar water molecules are sorbed on the surfaces with relatively weak bonds, and the molecules will only desorb as fast as they can absorb enough energy to exceed the bonding force.
The capacity of soil to sorb P is best measured by adding several levels of P to soil suspensions so as to define a complete P sorption curve (Ozanne and Shaw 1967, 1968).
But the sorb et was great, bursting with flavour and adding that dash of style that rescues even the dullest of melons.
The capacity of the soil to sorb P was only measured for samples of soil collected from plots treated with the 6 amounts of P applied in 1976 and to which no subsequent P was applied in 2000 (i.e.
Those menus include starters such as melon with sorb et and summer fruits, the ubiquitous Thai-stylefishcakes with sweet chilli sauce or the rather adventurous apple,pork and pickle sausages with a spiced apple chutney.
The capacity of soil to sorb P influences both relationships (Ozanne and Shaw 1967; Helyar and Spencer 1977).
There is an erroneous belief that the [N.sub.2] molecules will sorb to the surfaces and thus provide a barrier layer to reduce the sorption of water molecules onto the surface.
The fruit and sorb et balls were beautifully presented in a sundae glass but my be lo ved was somewhat disappointed with his huge bowl of shell fish.
The irrigated samples for these soils exhibited the largest b values of all soils, suggesting that the addition of wastewater to these irrigated samples has affected their ability to sorb added P.
If the chamber is backfilled with air, the water molecules in the air will instantly begin to sorb onto all the fresh internal surfaces.