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SORBSSpam and Open Relay Blocking System
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If your email is part of a large service (for example AOL) and your IP address is shared you can be blacklisted due to no fault of your own and cannot be unlisted unless your ISP contacts SORBS and donates $25,000.
One point of interest is the participation of the composer Miloslav Kabelac (then a student at the conservatory), performing as a pianist on a recording of Lusatian Sorb melodies.
SORBS spend their days hunting down poorly configured mail servers in exactly the same way spammers do, by sending out robot software to systematically check every registered domain name.
Sorbs in this country usually called themselves Wends, but that term has acquired a pejorative ring in Europe today.
Activated carbon from coconut shells sorbs more methyl bromide than the carbon taken from coal or peat.