SORCStudent Organization Resource Center (various locations)
SORCSouthern Ocean Racing Circuit
SoRCStatement of Required Capabilities
SORCScottish Off Road Club (UK)
SORCSpectral Operations Resource Center (satellite imagery)
SORCSound Ranging Control
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Under the terms of the sale, operation and ownership of all NPR-3's mineral rights and approximately 9,000 acres of land is immediately transferred to SORC.
com) is a management services company managing the acquisition and conventional operation of mature oil fields and the further recovery of stranded oil from those fields using enhanced oil recovery methods for its sole customer, SORC, an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Alleghany Corporation.
There were 16 foreign riders representing Botswana, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe who made the trip to Namibia for the SORC section of the race.
Because of the paucity of studies on malaria in orangutans, all done at SORC (4,7), we can only compare our data gathered at OCC&Q with data on the semicaptive orangutans tested at SORC (4).
inui has also been reported in orangutans housed at SORC (4), but these data have yet to be published.
We look forward to supporting SORC as it pursues the development of this unique, long-term asset.
In its relationship with SORC, Laredo Oil plans to use its distinctive EOR model to profitably recover stranded oil.
Mark See, Chairman and CEO of Laredo Oil, stated that, "After six months of pre-construction activities, SORC has completed its coring, stratigraphic drilling and engineering activities to confirm the characteristics of a field.
As consideration for the licenses to SORC, Laredo Oil will receive an interest in SORC net profits as defined in the agreement (the "Royalty") which will range from 17.
It is expected that SORC will be funded solely by Alleghany Capital Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alleghany ("Alleghany Capital"), in exchange for issuance by SORC of 12% Cumulative Preferred Stock and common stock.