SORCESolar Radiation and Climate Experiment (NASA/LASP)
SORCESurrey Off Road Cycling Enthusiasts (Canada)
SORCESurrey Off-Road Cycling Enthusiasts Society (UK)
SORCEStudent Outreach and Retention Center for Equity (University of Colorado at Boulder)
SORCEStudents ORganizing Conventions Everywhere
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To view the entire CNA 2012 SORCE catalog, please visit www.
This version of SOLSTICE is a component of the SORCE satellite that was launched on a Pegasus XL launch vehicle on Jan.
Designed with both producers and clients in mind, the 2014 SORCE catalog features enhanced agent and broker courses as well as a renewed emphasis on CNA's customer segments - including construction, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, small business and technology - and risks that may have an economic impact.
The 2013 flight provides a continuity of measurements between the currently flying NASA SORCE program launched in January 2003, and the Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor (TSIS) mission that is now part of NOAA's JPSS program.
Since its inception in 2005, SORCE has increased from an original offering of 16 mobile courses to hundreds of face-to-face and on-line training classes, and Webinars," said Bob Lindemann, chief operating officer of CNA Commercial.
Each year SORCE recognizes developing risk exposures within CNA's core industries to design courses that offer outstanding value for our agents, brokers and joint clients, knowing that when you better understand the risks your clients face, you can better offer the right coverage and service excellence," said William Boyd, senior vice president, Risk Control.
SORCE is well aware of the importance of a reliable hosting partner in delivering consistent, available and responsive IT services.
It is based on the company's LeoStar(TM) small satellite bus that has served as the baseline platform for several previous successful NASA science spacecraft programs, including recent missions such as GALEX, SORCE and AIM.
It will be the sixth LEOStar-2 satellite built for NASA Earth and space science missions, joining the SORCE, GALEX, and AIM spacecraft that are in orbit providing valuable scientific data, and the OCO and Glory programs that will be launched in 2009.
OCO is based on Orbital's LEOStar-2 configuration, on which several other NASA science satellite projects were produced, including the highly successful GALEX, SORCE and AIM missions in low-Earth orbit, as well as the Dawn deep space mission.
Once the IBEX satellite completes its in-orbit testing and begins to deliver data to the scientific team, it will join a growing list of other Orbital-supported dual missions for NASA, including the AIM, GALEX, SORCE and ACRIMSAT science satellites built by Orbital and launched aboard our rockets.
Orbital has successfully supported many other science missions for NASA in the past, as both the spacecraft and launch vehicle provider, including SORCE and ACRIMSAT, and the two most recent SMEX missions, GALEX and AIM.