SOREMSleep-Onset Rapid Eye Movement
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Patients with narcolepsy have cataplexy (REM dissociation) and /or at least 2 SOREM periods on MLST, or at least 1 SOREM period on MLST in conjunction with a SOREM on the preceding PSG, (4) which Mr.
A dozing-off time shorter than 15 minutes, frequently shorter than 5 minutes during the test and initiation of sleep during the REM period (achievement SOREM) are diagnostic (8).
The multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) revealed no difference in mean sleep latency (MSL) and the number of sleep-onset REM sleep (SOREM) between the episodes and interictal periods.[sup][8]
Dean Sorem installed his first tile in 1979 and has been a professional tile setter for 30 years.
Styles range from the repetition of shapes in purplish hues of English's "Day Progresses" to the striking "Flight of the Monarchs," stylized bright orange triangles on a deep aqua background by Jaszkowski to Sorem's eye-popping lime green piece, intersected by spears of brilliant cerise, called "Spring Green."
The SOREM was demonstrated in two SS (2/19, 10.5%) and three NS (3/30, 10.0%), and no statistical difference was shown.
244bn Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery Expansion and Modernisation (SOREM) project has been in the limbo since 2007 as Iranian and Sri Lankan authorities have so far failed to agree on an exact modus operandi to implement the project.
REM sleep that occurs within the first 15 min of sleep, an event termed sleep onset REM (SOREM), rarely occurs in normal individuals, but is common in narcolepsy.
The translation of his texts was done by the young Norwegian Gudmund Sorem, with whom Vogel had become acquainted in 1934.
An Italian firefighting aircraft, owned and operated by Sorem, crashed into a lake near Istanbul on October 4 at 18:44 local time, injuring three pilots onboard.
In paper (Sorem "et al.", 1991) the authors give a analytical solution by using Lame solution and superposition effect.
(27.) Kreiser D, el-Sayed YY, Sorem KA, Chitkara U, Holbrook RH Jr, Druzin ML.