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SORISecure and Objective Reputation-Based Incentive Scheme
SORISex Offender Registry Information
SORISpecial Olympics Rhode Island (Warwick, RI)
SORISustained Off-Resonance Irradiation
SORISafety and Operational Reliability Improvements (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center; California)
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Al Sori also spoke on the approval the university received from the Ministry of Education (MoE), which, she said proves the subject's relevance for students.
In order to test their hypothesis, Sori and his colleagues ran simulations assuming that Ahuna Mons contains at least 40 percent water-ice.
Sori returned to Cuba, believing the CIA planned to adopt his revolutionary strategy; instead, he lived long enough to witness the horror of the Bay of Pigs.
cambricum lack paraphyses in its sori and has less cells in the anulus (4-8 in P.
The most famous brand of desserts Al-Qobati sells many different kinds of deserts, including Hareesa, Araisi, Khalta and Sori. Though several shopkeepers named their shops Al-Qobati, after Ali Saeed Al-Qobati's shops, few achieved the acclaim he himself earned.
He defeated Saad Al Maran, who had a time of 6.888, while Kuwaiti Abdullah Al Sori was third overall with a mark of 7.445.
'Da ni'n chwarae lot o driciau, a chael hwyl a sbri gyda'n targedau, na sori...
Hundreds of protesting drivers assembled on Sher Shah Sori Road and raised slogans in favour of their demands.
In the same e-mail exchange, Soto told Munar and another person identified as Juli Sori that she had a question about where and how much of the $1,846.12 received on May 8, 2009, was applied.