SORIEStatement of Recognized Income and Expense (UK)
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"We still need to think about how services for survivors are not accessible, especially for the poor," said Sorie, who is president of Legal Access through Women Yearning for Equality, Rights and Social Justice (LAWYERS) - an all-female group of barristers who provide pro bono legal services to vulnerable, women and girls.
258-259 be no[??]t sorie for synne as we schulde be] to sorewe nou[??]ht for synne as he scholde do vs] him
The relative clause wherof I sould be most sorie, politely qualifying the conditional apodosis, serves to tone down the intention expressed by will.
Joseph's also had its sights set on the state final - and broke Bartlett's heart with a 6-4 win behind freshman Kyle Sorie.
C: But if the first heire of my inuention proue deformed, I shall be sorie it had so noble a godfather: [if the poem is bad, then I am sorry] B: and neuer after eare so barren a land, for feare it yeeld me still so bad a haruest, A: I leaue it to your Honourable suruey, and your [keywords] Honor to your hearts content, which I wish may alwaies answere your owne wish, and the worlds hopefull expectation.
En 1528 una religiosa, Tannekin de Sorie, copio un salterio y las horas en latin con notas musicales.
Holinshed remarks that the Jews, assembled at the coronation of Richard, "had but sorie hap, as it chanced." Holinshed goes on:
Although he confidently informed the Privy Council that `publike tranquility and precious peace' would be maintained, he was subsequently forced to report on the tumultuous activities of `discontented obstinate people': `that our Bedfordshire people should offend in this sort, I am very sorie for it'.
"We come here because some of us want to earn a decent living instead of going begging all over the place," says Mr Pa Sorie Turay, a displaced elder from Kambia.