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SORMSchool of Retail Management (Texas)
SORMState Office of Risk Management (Texas)
SORMShadow Ops: Red Mercury (game)
SORMSecond Order Reliability Method (mechanical engineering)
SORMSistema Operativno-Rozysknykh Meropriyatii (System for Operational-Investigative Activities; a Russian network eavesdropping/monitoring system)
SORMState of the River Management (now Aire Action Leeds; UK)
SORMStandard Organization Regulations Manual
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Next, using the FORM or SORM method one finds the two design points [y.
The probabilistic computations for determining the coordinates of the design point, reliability index, and sensitivity coefficient of each random variable were completed with the help of the FORM and SORM methods.
The SORM 2 ministerial act appears set for Ministry of Justice approval in early October.
And combined with the SORM 2 proposal, opening up possibilities of, in the words of one critic, "wiretapping a mouse click away," the dark forces of inefficient central planning and intellectual property search and seizure are adding to the struggling nation's already full plate of woes.
As seen, the proposed algorithm could closely approximate the results of both Monte Carlo and SORM methods.
0336 Table 9: The results of FORM and SORM analyses.
The company has recently signed supply and cooperation agreements with Aspen, South Africa, SORM, Japan and Ribbon, Italy.
PanGeo extended its exclusive agreement with SORM KK to supply Japanese pharmaceutical products for ten years (until November 2012).
Exclusive Japanese Supply Contract Extended for 10 Years -- Completes acquisition of minority interest in SORM
This supply and distribution agreement is with SORM KK ("SORM"), a Tokyo-based distributor of private-label pharmaceutical products to retail pharmacy chains in Japan.
25% of SORM, a Japanese pharmaceutical distribution company, for an undisclosed amount of cash and common shares.
The most interesting drugs in development for BC include the new SORMS (Evista, arzoxifene and Oporia) and the aromatase inhibitor combination atamestane (Intarcia Therapeutics), the epothilone analogues (ixabepilone, patupilone and ZK-EPO) which could compete with taxanes providing a balance can be established between efficacy and toxicity.