SORRStreets of Rage Remake (gaming)
SORRState of the Region Report (various locations)
SORRSubmarine Operations Research Report (US Navy)
SORRSave Our Rural Roads (UK)
SORRSIGINT Operations Readiness Review
SORRStadium Off-Road Racing (motorsports)
SORRSystems Operational Readiness Review
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SORR RR RRY RRY RR ST ST Y ST Y A STA STA RT Celtic's Wakaso Celtic's Wakaso
SO SORR RRY n Chl hlos osta ta says he will not SORRY n Chlosta says he will not offend again
What the retailers might say: "SORRY, SORR we can't accept the return as we think you caused the damage/fault" - never accept this, especially if you are returning a present within six months as an assumption is made during the first six months that the goods were faulty from the purchase date.