SORRStreets of Rage Remake (gaming)
SORRState of the Region Report (various locations)
SORRSubmarine Operations Research Report (US Navy)
SORRSave Our Rural Roads (UK)
SORRSIGINT Operations Readiness Review
SORRStadium Off-Road Racing (motorsports)
SORRSystems Operational Readiness Review
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References in classic literature ?
Don't answer, Sorr, av you're strainin' betune a complimint an' a lie.
"I take shame for you, Sorr, coming down here though the Saints know you're as welkim as the daylight whin you do come - an' upsettin' Terence's head wid your nonsense about - about fwhat's much betther forgotten.
"Whin I was about three-quarters av a mile off the rest-camp, powtherin' along fit to burrst, I heard the noise av the men, an', on my sowl, Sorr, I cud catch the voice av Peg Barney bellowin' like a bison wid the belly-ache.
I tell you, Sorr, they were dhrunker than any men you've ever seen in your mortial life.
"'Can't I help, Sorr?' sez I; ''tis a strong man's job they've given you, an' you'll be wantin' help by sundown.' He was a bhoy wid bowils, that child, an' a rale gintleman.
"'Shut your oi to the Rig'lations, Sorr,' I sez, 'till the throoper's into blue wather.
"'Faith, you've larnt the half av your lesson, Sorr,' sez I, 'but av you shtick to the Rig'lations you'll niver get thim inship at all, at all.
"'Soft an' aisy, Sorr,' sez I; 'you've niver had your draf' in hannd since you left cantonmints Wait till the night, an' your work will be ready to you.
The whiskey's in the heel av your hand, Sorr. Wid your good lave we'll dhrink to the Ould Rig'mint - three fingers - standin' up!" And we drank.
"I lurve England," he used to say--"lurve England, but Puritanism, sorr, I abhor.
I felt that this move would bring matters to a head, so I left Terrence hopefully, though he called after me "He won't take the dog, sorr. You can lay your month's pay on that.
"I'm really sorr, I was having a wee," Styles said while panting for his breath.