SORRASomali Relief and Rehabilitation Association
SORRASydney Off Road Racing Association (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
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Marc Sorra conducting an on-site education campaign about dengue prevention and control at Brgy.
Furthermore, whether innovation introduces a new product, service, or process to the external market or one or more internal units (Walker et al., 2011; Klein & Sorra, 1996), novelty is a fundamental and inseparable element of the definitions across different disciplinary fields.
The CGCAHPS assesses patients' perception of care in the office setting, including access to care, physician communication, courteous/helpful staff, overall physician rating, and recommendation of provider office (Dyer, Sorra, Smith, Cleary, & Hays, 2012; Morris et al., 2015).
Paulo Barandon, as well as two retired bishops of Legazpi-Bishop Emeritus Lucilo Quiambao and Bishop Emeritus Jose Sorra, who both stay at Bethlehem Retreat House in Sogod, Bacacay.
Higher HSOPSC scores have been associated with fewer adverse events in hospitals (Mardon, Khanna, Sorra, Dyer, & Famolaro, 2010).
JEDDAH: The tandem of Romy Sorra and Norwin Catipay emerged early victors for Team Green at the start of the semifinal match against Team Orange, winning the first set in the SPTC HeatWave Challenge being held at the sports complex of King Abdulaziz University.
It has to be implemented adequately, and organizational mechanisms must be created that stimulate people to capture the potential benefits of these technologies (KLEIN; SORRA, 1996).
While the later dimension is originally developed for the unit level, it was used in this study to measure small hospital managements' support at the hospital level as suggested by the authors Sorra and Nieva (2005).
MmeFedjra, une octogenaire jouissant de plus de 40 ans d'experience dans l'elaboration d'El-Ouazouaza, a, de son cote, exige des poignees allant de 25 a 50 grammes de chaque plante, lavee au prealable, a melanger puis envelopper dans une bourse en etoffe de linge blanc propre appelee Sorra ou Hezma, avant de l'imbiber dans un recipient de 10 litres d'eau couvert pour une duree de 12 heures.
Elizabeth Sloan Sloan Trends, Inc., Escondido, CA, United States Dimensions of innovation: social representations in the postharvest initiative of fish fortification in Catanduanes island, Luzon, Philippines Jimmy Masagca (1); Minerva Morales (1); Delia Sorra (2); Aurora Araojo (2); Meda Mercado (3); Ma.