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Serve on a bed of warm sorrel sauce and top with a sprig of flat leaf parsley or dill
The city plans to install five humps on Sorrel and three on Palomino by late fall, weather permitting.
Having vacationed in Jamaica, I had been introduced to sorrel as a Christmas beverage--I recalled that it tasted a little like ginger.
Part One of Lost Battlefields takes us from the battle of Mount Sorrel where in June 1916 the raw, rookie, and inexperienced Canadians were blasted by German artillery, mortars, and exploding underground mines, from their front lines, suffering huge casualties.
The young leaves of the perennial chicory, sorrel and salad burnet make tasty additions to salad, especially in baby salad mix.
The specific name (or at least one of the names) of the dark land invoked here is Canaan - by no means a land of milk and honey, but rather a land of gall and, as it were, sorrel, a land living (insofar as it is living) under threat of imminent destruction at the hands of a wrathful God.
By the power lines, their long catenaries dipped with copper, I stop at the clearing unfolding in the patch of sorrel and grass and watch how the telephone cables trail off in the neural passage between sender and receiver.
Pretty woodland illustrations by the prolific Susan Varley (remember Badger's Parting Gifts?) beautifully compliment this simple story of friendship between the squirrels Sorrel and Sage.
May and Macron feasted on dressed crab, blood orange radicchio and sorrel followed by carver duck breast, roasted onion tartlet and beetroot puree.