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SORSSpatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy
SORSStatistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
SORSSpilled Oil Recovery System
SORSSIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee
SORSSequential Occupancy Release System (Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority)
SORSSmall Object Recovery System
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However, when a member provides these types of services as part of a broader PFP services engagement, the SOR will be applicable.
As outlined in the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, Rule 201.01(A), Professional Competence, a member shall "undertake only those professional services that the member can reasonably expect to be completed with professional competence." As discussed in the SOR, a member who provides PFP services should possess a level of knowledge of financial planning principles and theory and a level of skill in the application of such principles that will enable him or her to identify, gather, and analyze data; consider and apply appropriate planning approaches and methods; and use professional judgment in developing the financial recommendation ([paragraph] 4).
Besides the SORs, other standards and guidance apply to Institute members providing PFP services and must be considered.
In what follows, I will show that Sor Juana is inspired by this Petrarchan strategy, but that she develops it in a highly original way, creating something completely new.
The 1980s and 1990s saw the unearthing of some new documents, or the rescrutiny of half-forgotten ones, that significantly altered scholarly understanding of Sor Juana's life, in particular her final years.
As of end-September 2013, Sparebanken Sor reported total assets of
The strongest insights of this study emerge from the account of Sor Juana's major works Primero sueno (an extended poem about the quest by the soul or intellect to understand the divine workings of the Universe) and Divino narciso (an auto sacramental which places Narcissus in the role of Christ).
The updated product pages also include the latest additions to the expanding portfolio of SOR Temperature Sensor products: Bimetal Thermometer and a LCD display option for the Temperature assemblies with Transmitters.