SOSADSave Our Sons And Daughters (Ireland suicide bereavement support)
SOSADSame Old Song and Dance (song title)
SOSADStrangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day (Bent Objects blog)
SOSADSociété Organisant le Sauvetage des Animaux en Detresse (French animal rescue)
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She said: "Peter came to see me at home and a week later he turned up again with a computer and a phone and I set up SOSAD Navan on a wing and a prayer.
The work started from my kitchen table and now we have a SOSAD house in Navan town.
I left the SOSAD offices and drove home to Navan and set up the Navan branch of the charity.
But no one judges at SOSAD and they accepted it was what I needed to do.
I really wanted to get involved and so we launched SOSAD Navan in April and we opened the house in April.
Marie is one of the co-ordinators in SOSAD who operate 24-hour helplines for those at risk of suicide.
Since Brian's death she has seen countless others come through the doors of the SOSAD house looking for help, counselling or even just someone to listen.
My only regret is that I didn't know about SOSAD before Brian died as I really think it would have made a difference.
It wasn't until Jay saw an article in the local paper about SOSAD that she decided to contact them.
She said: "I saw SOSAD was setting up in Navan and rang and ended up talking to co-ordinator Marie Johnston.
People don't understand about losing someone to suicide unless they have been through it and at SOSAD there are people who understand and empathise with you even though we each are on our own personal journey.
Peter has joined forces with the Irish Daily Mirror to get people involved in SOSAD this Christmas.