SOSATSubmarine Operating Authority/OTC Satellite Circuit
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In Nioro, the grain yield varied from 87 kg [ha.sup.-1] for inbred line IBL 110-B-1 to 2966 kg [ha.sup.-1] for the hybrid IBL 206-1-1 x Sosat C 88.
The hybrids IBL 091-1-1 x Sosat C 88 and IBL 206-1-1 x Souna 3 performed well under both locations and were among the best ten genotypes across the two environments.
The tester Sosat C 88 and the inbred line IBL 003-B-1 had significant positive GCA effects while the tester Souna 3 showed significant negative GCA effects for TGW.
The top-cross hybrid IBL 1552-1 x Sosat C 88 was the only one which exhibited negative and significant SCA effects for DMI.
IBL 206-1-1 x Souna 3, followed by IBL 001-4-1 x Souna 3, had the largest best parent heterosis for grain yield and was among the best five hybrids while IBL 119-B-1 x Sosat C 88 had the least best parent heterosis value.
However, despite the site effect on grain yield and yield related traits, some of the genotypes such as IBL 0911-1, IBL 091-1-1 x Sosat C 88, and Thialack II have performed well under the two environments.
Grain yield showed a mid-parent heterosis ranging from -16% to 125% and most of the hybrids except IBL 106-B-1 x Sosat C 88 and IBL 179-2-1 x Souna 3 exceeded the parental lines.
He said United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) would provide technical support and help equip the border liaison office at Sosat and Shakarghan with modern gadgets to overcome the issue.