SOSBSingle Op Single Band (amateur radio classification)
SOSBspecial operations support battalion (US DoD)
SOSBSouth Ottumwa Savings Bank (Iowa)
SOSBSounds of System Breakdown (band)
SOSBSmall Office-Small Business (economy segment)
SOSBSupervisor of Shipbuilding
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Other 528th SOSB equipment includes the Special Operations individual aid bag and the NASCAR rapid tire-pumping system.
Before conducting a routine replacement of forces in support of ARSOF operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the 528th SOSB SPO Section conducted a planning conference with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and Special Operations Support Command to validate mission requirements against capabilities and develop a detailed concept of support plan using all available data.
To augment ARSOF assets in Afghanistan, the 528th SOSB SPO planners maximized the use of the extensive logistics network established at Bagram Airfield and staffed by the Joint Logistics Command (JLC).
The 528th SOSB recognized that an essential element for adding flexibility was centralization of logistics operations under one deployed command node for elements deployed in the U.
The trained, multiskilled Soldiers of the 528th SOSB were tremendous combat multipliers for ARSOF elements operating from remote bases with limited access to supplies and services.