SOSCSocial Science (course; various schools)
SOSCSpecial Olympics Southern California (Long Beach, CA)
SOSCState On-Scene Coordinator (various locations)
SOSCSouthern Oregon State College
SOSCSpecial Operations Support Command (theater army; US DoD)
SOSCState of the Science Conference (Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center)
SOSCSpace Operations Support Center (US NASA)
SOSCSociety of Ordained Scientists (est. 1990)
SOSCSmithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center
SOSCSecond-Order Sufficient Condition (analytics)
SOSCSystem Operational and Support Capability
SOSCSystem Operation Support Center
SOSCSwitch Operations Service Center (Sprint)
SOSCSelf-Oscillating Switching Converter
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A SOSC spokesman and Weatherford China officials made no comment to the news agency.
39) The SOSC held their first national consultation in November 2007 (see this issue), bringing together sanctuary providers from beyond the local Ontario region to discuss sanctuary experiences and strategy.
The continued presence of the SOSC and their tactics in Toronto that differ from other incidents are a partial explanation for the surprising under-representation in sanctuary.
Other than the SOSC incident which occurred in 1993.
The visitors were eager to know about the type of weather information the SOSC provides for vessels and the information the center receives from vessels.