SOSCSocial Science (course; various schools)
SOSCSpecial Olympics Southern California (Long Beach, CA)
SOSCState On-Scene Coordinator (various locations)
SOSCSouthern Oregon State College
SOSCSpecial Operations Support Command (theater army; US DoD)
SOSCSahyadri Open Source Community (India)
SOSCState of the Science Conference (Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center)
SOSCSpace Operations Support Center (US NASA)
SOSCSociety of Ordained Scientists (est. 1990)
SOSCSmithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center
SOSCSecond-Order Sufficient Condition (analytics)
SOSCSystem Operational and Support Capability
SOSCSystem Operation Support Center
SOSCSwitch Operations Service Center (Sprint)
SOSCSelf-Oscillating Switching Converter
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A SOSC spokesman and Weatherford China officials made no comment to the news agency.
The SOSC currently supports testing of Orion's Relative Navigation System, which includes Sensor Test for Orion RelNav Risk Mitigation or STORRM - a navigation and docking system that will be tested on the upcoming STS-134 shuttle mission to the International Space Station.
Thus, SOSC's advocacy for the merit-based appeal as a bona fide alternative to sanctuary and recognizing the two on the same plane seems to cohere with their avoidance of instigating this form of sanctuary in their later efforts.
(Interview 5, 2001; emphasis added) After a few sanctuary incidents had occurred across Canada in preceding years, in 1994 the now defunct Interchurch Committee on Refugees (ICCR) comprising representatives from Canada's mainline churches launched a pilot project called "Keeping Faith." (30) Housing migrants in churches plainly came with challenges and risks and this proposal was an explicit attempt to create a more organized, less risky version of sanctuary (that was not unlike the SOSC's effort, in that no one would know migrants' locations while in sanctuary).
On the eve of the new legislation's promised implementation a key member of SOSC, who is also a refugee advocate, noted that "the new legislation does allow for an appeal at the refugee board and that's a major step forward.
One noted: "Canada is obligated to provide sanctuary to those in need, and there are times like the present, given the lack of appeal, when as citizens and human beings we have a fundamental and moral obligation to provide sanctuary within Canada." (39) The SOSC held their first national consultation in November 2007 (see this issue), bringing together sanctuary providers from beyond the local Ontario region to discuss sanctuary experiences and strategy.
(16.) The continued presence of the SOSC and their tactics in Toronto that differ from other incidents are a partial explanation for the surprising under-representation in sanctuary.
Iso flosmaris: CAS SV6527 (holotype); CAS 7142 (10, paratypes); SOSC VGS-68-30 (4, 22-60 mm SL); ZUMT 5918 (1, 54 mm SL).