SOSCSouthern Oregon State College
SOSCSociety of Ordained Scientists (est. 1990)
SOSCSmithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center
SOSCSecond-Order Sufficient Condition (analytics)
SOSCspecial operations support command (theater army) (US DoD)
SOSCSystem Operational and Support Capability
SOSCSystem Operation Support Center
SOSCSwitch Operations Service Center (Sprint)
SOSCSelf-Oscillating Switching Converter
SOSCSocial Science (course; various schools)
SOSCState of the Science Conference (Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center)
SOSCState On-Scene Coordinator (various locations)
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39) The SOSC held their first national consultation in November 2007 (see this issue), bringing together sanctuary providers from beyond the local Ontario region to discuss sanctuary experiences and strategy.
The continued presence of the SOSC and their tactics in Toronto that differ from other incidents are a partial explanation for the surprising under-representation in sanctuary.
Other than the SOSC incident which occurred in 1993.
Lockheed Martin's SOSC test environment was used to accurately replicate the hardware, lighting conditions and vehicle motion that was observed on orbit, and validated its ability to provide an on-orbit simulation environment for critical risk mitigation for the Orion spacecraft.
The SOSC represents part of Lockheed Martin's multi-million dollar investment in testing and validating future human spaceflight programs to ensure safe, affordable and sustainable space exploration.
The new president and chief executive officer will provide overall leadership for the daily operations of SOSC, including responsibility for program planning, employment and organization of staff, fiscal management, public/community relations, organization of personnel policies and achievement of the organization's mission and goals.
Our goal in searching for the leadership position for the SOSC is to find an executive who will continue the successful legacy of the Special Olympics, focusing the organization on programs and services that will bring the greatest value to its current and future participants," said Robert Rollo, founding and co-managing partner of Los Angeles-based Rollo Associates.
The SOSC is built upon a 1,700-foot-deep Colorado bedrock formation and is isolated from local seismic disturbances.
Miss Piggy's great energy and ability to inspire greatness, provides a great foundation for our athletes to be the best that they can be and we are proud to honor her as an outstanding member of our community," stated Rafer Johnson, President of the Board of Governors of SOSC.
via fax, at no charge, dial 1-800-PRO-INFO and enter code SOSC.
The company's common stock is traded on the Nasdaq National Market System under the symbol SOSC.