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SOSEStudies of Society and Environment
SOSESystem-Of-Systems Engineering
SOSESommer-Semester (German: Summer Semester)
SOSESpecial Operations Support Element
SOSESpecial Operations Staff Element
SOSESave Often, Save Early
SOSESons of Straight Edge (Liferuiner song)
SOSESchool of Science and Engineering (various schools)
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A survey of lecturers in Science & Technology and SOSE identified relevant documents and specific pedagogical practices used in class, to analyse the content and teaching of their units in more depth.
What has happened to SOSE, that helpfully elastic integrated learning area that could tackle many curriculum additions, in the overcrowded curriculum?
These experts believe that the immaturity of SoSE warrants reexamination of basic assumptions regarding the ability of SE to underpin SoS development.
17) SOSE looks at what has been done; humanities looks at how and why.
E-business engineering (ICEBE 2007, SOAIC 2007, SOSE 2007, SOKM 2007); proceedings.
For instance, there is a specific verb sose to describe draping a tablecloth on a table.
Residents: Geoff M, Craig Laws, Gavin Sommerville & Sose
The development of an integrated unit on this topic would satisfy the mathematics curriculum by dealing with large numbers, percentages, and handling data, and the SOSE curriculum by engaging with the theme "our world and its people".
written texts produced by upper primary SOSE students can be compared
NEW ZEALAND is bracing itself for a battering from Cyclone Sose, and the Sharks will blow into town in Taupo to inflict some damage on the Waikato Chiefs, writes Graham Woods.
One day, when Alfred was in town, the Serbian army called at the house which he shared with his father Emin, mother Sose and younger brothers Skender, then 14, and Lirim, then 12.
Each chapter has been contributed by an international expert, and topics covered include modeling, simulation, architecture, the emergence of SoS and SoSE, net-centricity, standards, management, and optimization, with various applications to defense, transportation, energy, the environment, healthcare, service industry, aerospace, robotics, infrastructure, and information technology.