SOSFSave Our Seas Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland)
SOSFSolidarité sans frontières (Switzerland)
SoSFSlice of Sci-Fi (podcast)
SOSFSir Oswald Stoll Foundation (UK)
SOSFSociety of Secret Fairies (blog)
SOSFSignmakers of South Florida
SOSFSwing On Sight Family
SoSFSword of Skyfire (Everquest)
SOSFSenior Officer Search Force
SOSFSecurity Operation Support Facility
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Bob, now 56, and who served with the Life Guards, part of the Household Cavalry, lives in a SOSF flat in Fulham, south west London.
But when SOSF gave me a roof over my head and got me help for my drink problem it turned my life around.
With two fellow SOSF tenants - former army chef Tim Wilson, 41, and ex-Royal Marine Emmett Burke, 32 - he launched the Beef Kitchen.
But even in the 2008 SOSF findings, there were indications of tougher times to come for all servicers, whether prime or subprime.
In its ninth year of publication, MBA's SOSF provides servicing managers with detailed information on costs, productivity and overall profitability.
Together, the companies in the 2008 SOSF represented about 55 percent of home mortgage debt outstanding.
The 42 servicers that participated in the SOSF in 2007 were organized into peer groups based on a) whether they were prime or subprime and b) the number of loans serviced.
For SOSF purposes, we define "hybrid" as those servicers with a heavier alt-A portfolio share, a mix of both subprime and prime loans that cannot be broken out, and/or a higher than average interim servicing share.
While not reaching the levels of the subprime SOSF sample (15.
Figure 4 presents the SOSF major peer groups and their respective servicing portfolio profiles.
For servicers that held their loans in portfolio (no third-party investor) or that serviced loans for an affiliate or parent, SOSF definitions had standard guidance for estimating service fees.
SOSF results indicate that there were no billings for 36 percent of late fees and 38 percent of ancillary fees in 2005.