SOSJSisters of St Joseph (North Sydney, NSW, Australia)
SOSJSessile Organisms Society of Japan
SOSJSovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem (various locations)
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According to the history of the SOSJ, Sakharov was the "head of the military division of the Russian Grand Priory" of the order.
Jew or no Jew, the history of the SOSJ claims Reilly as another member of the order, and makes the Anti-Bolshevik League one more gambit of the order's secretive intelligence-propaganda activities, activity that also included dissemination of the Protocols.
LETTING FLY J Roo pokes fun at pals NINNY NANI J Forgetful winger LATE WINNER J Passport arrives SOSJ Danny on phone PANICJ Atcheck-in