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SOSSIScouts on Stamps Society International
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org) coordinated by Federica Sossi, which provided contacts with activists, (6) journalists, and lawyers who had been working on the Italian 'North Africa Emergency'.
JDEIDEH, Lebanon: In many ways, Sossi Sarkissian Elbekian looks very much the part of a stylish, modern woman.
Sossi was a well-known right-wing sympathiser, and was considered the 'fanatical persecutor' of the left.
Light, John Neisler and Robert Andrew Libby as Mack's gang get in a bit of scene-stealing during Mack and Polly's wedding feast, staged by Sossi as a kind of banquet from hell.
Among them the Piazza Fontana bombing in Milan, the kidnapping of public prosecutor Mario Sossi, and the killing of Chief Magistrate Francesco Coco received the most official and public attention.
As the outrages mount in Act II, the show begins to seem repetitious and uncertain in its thrust; but by and large the editing of the six months of trial transcripts by Condon and Odyssey artistic director Ron Sossi has produced a taut, exciting script.
About 80% of our sales in Mexico today are traced to product being diverted down here from wholesalers in southern California and Texas," Vie Sossi, ConAgra vice president of international and new business development, told those attending the IFFA conference.
Director Stephan Kruck (alias Ron Sossi, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble's Artistic Director) creates the vigor and delight of a playground with King Ignatius and Queen Margaret played as the most popular kids of the block.
My Sister, Janet Schlapkohl (also lyrics); music: Christopher Gene Okiishi; dir: Ron Sossi, Paul David Story.
De la Fuente-Fernandez R, Ruth TJ, Sossi V, Schulzer M, Calne DB, Stoessl AJ.