SOTARState Of The Art Rafting
SOTARSchool of Ocean Technology - Applied Research (Canada)
SOTARState Of The Art Registrar
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SOTAR is the acronym for State-Of-The-Art Rafts and this outdoor recreation manufacturer business has evolved to become the dedicated rafter's resource.
Our steeds for the next 225 miles would be our four 18-foot rubber Sotar rafts, which still paled in comparison with the behemoth commercial motor rigs that would cruise past us every few days.
It's not just a walk in the park, it's a good workout," Sotar said.
A time trial, according to Sotar, shows how good a rider really is.
Sotar, who started the time trials in 1982, said he's glad to see them revived, and finds the new shop owners exhilarating.
Sotar said the record was set by Don Vescio of Grafton at 20 minutes, 9 seconds, which is an average of 28.
Meanwhile, Sotar has qualified for sectionals in the 100 butterfly and 500 freestyle, and she's lead swimmer on the Warriors 400 freestyle relay squad that's rounded out by Kristen and Danielle Cloutier, and Stebbins.
Befo re leaving Germany, Hollingsworth paved the way for the SOTARS Project (the predecessor to the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, or Joint STARS).