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SOTASState of the Art System
SOTASStandoff Target Acquisition & Surveillance
SOTASStandoff Target Acquisition System
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With headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland USA, and offices in Bristol, England and New Delhi, India, SOTAS serves service providers around the globe, including AT&T, Broadwing, BT, Cable & Wireless, Cignal, Concert, Interoute, Korea Telecom, Lucent, Maxcom, WorldCom, Nortel, Qwest, SITA, Sprint, Telecordia, Teleglobe, TELUS, and Williams Communications.
The SOTAS fraud system was specifically designed to address today's fraud scenarios and dramatically reduce revenue loss due to telecom fraud.
The combination of market-leading deep computing from Mantas and real time analysis from SOTAS offers real risk management and operational benefits for our customers," said Simon Moss, CEO, Mantas.
Tom brings a seasoned leadership background to SOTAS with a strong emphasis on sales, marketing and business development," said Bob Crowley, managing director of Safeguard and a SOTAS board member.
SOTAS leverages its powerful Service Management Platform (SMP) to provide billing verification as a stand-alone offering or in conjunction with a broader suite of revenue assurance solutions, such as SecureWave (C) (Fraud Management) and ValueWave (TM) (Best Value Routing), both of which are used by some of the largest telecommunication companies in North America and around the world.
What sets the SOTAS ValueWave solution apart from the mainstream least cost routing solutions is its feedback capability, where the impact of routing change decisions can be quantified in real-time, and the solution provides profitability analysis for each decision.
We are pleased that our introduction of SOTAS to Comerica has worked out so well for both parties," said Anthony Craig, Safeguard's president and CEO.
The SOTAS system uses information obtained in real time from various network elements, which when added to tabular information already available for billing rates, network capacities, quality metrics and other factors, makes automated decision making in near real-time possible.
The management of all support activities will be coordinated with the major SOTAS support center in Gaithersburg, MD, USA.
With the implementation of this phase of the SOTAS SecureWave(TM) system, we are continuing our advances in fraud detection and management, while bringing service and value to our customers," said Tammy Bach, director of operations support, TELUS corporate security.
SOTAS designed the SecureWave(TM) system from a user's perspective.
SOTAS, a global provider of network management software applications, and EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), a leader in information storage, today announced an alliance designed to provide customers with integrated solutions.