SOTDSong of the Day
SOTDShave of the Day
SOTDShaun of the Dead (movie)
SOTDSite of the Day
SOTDShadow Of The Day (song)
SOTDScores on the Doors (UK public register of food hygiene ratings)
SOTDSons of the Desert (UK)
SOTDShot Of The Day
SOTDSons of the Dragon
SOTDSkin of the Day (game models)
SOTDState of the Domain
SOTDSpam of the Day
SOTDScent of the Day
SOTDSchool of Theatre and Dance (various locations)
SOTDSoup of the Day (band)
SOTDSub of the Day (Subway sandwich shops)
SOTDSouls of the Departed (band)
SOTDShout At The Devil (Motley Crue)
SOTDScripture of the Day
SOTDShadow of the Desert (gaming)
SOTDSpecial Operations Training Detachment
SOTDShadows of the Dark (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SOTDSaint of the Day
SOTDSpeaking of the Devil
SOTDStig of the Dump (children's book)
SOTDSword of the Dragon (gaming guild)
SOTDScreen of the Day
SOTDSchool of Technology and Design (various universities)
SOTDSoldiers of the Dark (gaming)
SOTDSpirits of the Darkness (gaming clan)
SOTDSupplier on Time Delivery
SOTDShout of the Day
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As rotational training SOTFs learn how to conduct UW more effectively during JRTC exercises, SOTD has the unique ability to gather lessons learned and facilitate an educated dialogue across ARSOF about the future of UW and NSL.
During the JRTC rotation 14-05 in-progress review held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, SOTD facilitated a conversation about the future of UW and NSL with JIIM partners and leaders from every corner of ARSOF.
Brian Price, executive director of Verizon's Online Center of Excellence, said, "We're delighted to get the SOTD Award.