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Overall, the SOTEC 3120X's portability, power and price make it a great new or additional notebook for any budget-conscious educator.
Drawing upon its expertise in creating powerful products that accommodate small spatial needs for Asian consumers, SOTEC America is introducing to US markets a new, affordable choice in stylish thin and light notebooks.
As a supplementary service for the new PC, Sotec will allow buyers to gain access to the Internet free of charge for up to 10 hours per month for a year.
After more than 4,000 operating hours at SOTEC, the Liebherr R 960 SME crawler excavator has proved to be the ideal model for production in quarrying application.
Computers produced by Yokohama-based Sotec run on Microsoft Corp.
COMMENTARY: Sotec was once a rising star on Nasdaq Japan, its image one of low prices and good quality.
The damage from the ban will be not significant because the e-One PCs we supplied to Sotec have almost sold out," a TriGem official said.
It expects to sell about 15,000 units in the October-December period, Sotec said.
Sotec, based in Yokohama, has a relatively strong name recognition in Japan and some analysts were expecting it to fetch a higher price.
Apple has filed suit against Japanese PC maker Sotec in a Tokyo court in an attempt to block sales of the translucent blue eOne.
In a move likely to ruffle a few feathers at Apple Computer Inc, Sotec Co has become the latest Asian PC manufacturer to crib design cues from the iMac with the release of its translucent e- one PC.