SOTEPSex Offender Treatment and Evaluation Project (California Department of Mental Health; Sacramento, CA)
SOTEPSoftware Operational Test & Evaluation Plan
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A critical shortcoming, also evident in the SOTEP results, is that RP assumed that offenders in treatment possess a high and stable level of motivation to refrain from sexual offending.
As a young adult he sexually molested his step-son, was convicted, and participated in the SOTEP RP treatment program, which offered him the opportunity to serve part of his sentence at the state hospital instead of prison.
Having contemplated the general psychology, general criminality and sexual offense specific literature base, as well my personal experience having worked in the field of sexual abuse, especially during the post SOTEP years at Atascadero State Hospital, then at Coalinga State Hospital, the institution that replaced ASH as the catchment for California's civilly committed sexual offenders, it appeared to me that there are five important ways we can enhance the efficacy of sexual offender treatment.