SOTGShadows of the Grave (gaming guild)
SOTGStudent of the Gun (podcast, tv show)
SOTGStay on the Grind
SOTGState of the Game (podcast)
SOTGSpecial Operations Training Group (USMC)
SOTGSpecial Operations Task Group (Austrailian Army)
SOTGSpirit of the Game
SOTGStewards of the Game ( Huntersville, NC)
SOTGStature Of The Gods (game)
SOTGShakespeare on the Green (student festival)
SOTGShadow of the Giant (game)
SOTGServants of the Galaxy (gaming clan)
SOTGStudents of the Game (podcast)
SOTGSchool of the Gifted
SOTGShepherd of the Grove (Maple Grove, MN)
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Insurgents use illegal drugs to finance their attempts to undermine the reconstruction of Afghanistan," CO SOTG said.
The illegal drug trade is a major threat to security, economic development and democratic government, so the more it's reduced the better it is for Afghanistan," the CO SOTG said.
The SOTG commenced combined operations with the NIU in May this year.
Following the creation of SOTGs, he said election watchlist areas would be identified, validated and assessed.