SOTTSitting on the Toilet
SOTTSign of the Times
SOTTSchool of Technical Training (Royal Air Force; UK)
SOTTShowing Off to Thieves (band)
SOTTSystem Organization, Tactics, and Techniques
SOTTSpecial Olympics Trinidad & Tobago
SOTTSmooch On The Tigger (Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)
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pardon the Errata & deplore the common calamitie incident to writers and Translators of Books, which is (unless they attend on the presse like slaves) to be at the mercy of sotts and drunkards, that can neither print sense nor English, nor indeed any other language, tho' it lie ever so planely before them.
But price isn't the only reason we've become the sotts of Europe with six a day dying from alcohol induced disease.
connection electrical appliances, fire sotts S90, El90 ,