SOTUState of the Union (US presidential speech; also seen as SOTUS)
SOTUSounds of the Universe (Depeche Mode album)
SOTUSpecial Operations Task Unit
SOTUSlow on the Uptake (Internet slang)
SOTUSecrets of the Universe (website; game)
SOTUSymptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath song)
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Brian also delves into the Founders' views of and possible reaction to a host of other issues brought up in the SOTU address, including: immigration, infrastructure, foreign policy, religion, executive powers, the military, foreign wars, the nation's capital, and America's founding.
vo, Sotu. va, Chris, bad, and my field-notes [va ].
In a reaction following the SOTU, Bost said, "I appreciate President Donald Trump using his address to highlight some of the work he and Congress can pursue together to protect America's workers, grow our economy, and keep our families safe.
Republicans were not having any of Pelosi's disrespect and eagerly proposed their own alternative SOTU scenarios, proving they knew the arcane rules of presidential addresses as well as she.
Again, a note of caution is warranted, as most presidents have a ratio of 4:1 for SOTU to inaugurals, whereas Trump's is currently 2:1, and inaugurals, as highlighted earlier and demonstrated in Table 1, are typically higher in rates of religious terminology.
Having already served as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford--therein lie two other tales--I was familiar with the hazards inherent in the SOTU drafting process.
Meanwhile, some went to share old screenshots were taken on the day which were streaming Trump's SOTU address.
Did you know that most of what we now know as the State of the Union (SOTU) is not actually required by the Constitution?
The day before US President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union (SOTU) address at the US Capitol, White House chief of protocol Sean Lawler invited the diplomatic corps to a briefing at the Presidential Guest House, the Blair House.
Those words were delivered by Joseph Kennedy III, whose eloquent SOTU rebuttal relegated the president to a reality TV host.
(68) Chris McGonigal, Here's Every Adorable Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg SOTU Embrace Through the Years, HUFFINGTON POST (Jan.
* 2004 SOTU. In his January 2004 State of the Union address, President George W.