SOTUState of the Union (US presidential speech; also seen as SOTUS)
SOTUSounds of the Universe (Depeche Mode album)
SOTUSlow on the Uptake (Internet slang)
SOTUSecrets of the Universe (website; game)
SOTUSymptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath song)
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adults give President Obama positive ratings on this aspect of his job performance, down marginally from the 42% indicating the same just after the SOTU but comparable to the 39% giving positive ratings in the days just before the address.
As noted earlier, the president also promoted "comprehensive immigration reform" during his SOTU address, including "establishing a responsible pathway to earned citizenship" (the favored term for amnesty for illegal immigrants).
In a 2002 study tracking word usage through two centuries of SOTUs and inaugural addresses, political scientist Elvin T.
com and writes its popular annual SOTU drinking game, said he hosted such games for years and was thrilled when it became part of his job description.
Obama's open discussion of the two-oceans TPP and TAP free trade agendas during his recent SOTU attests to the persistence of globalists," noted celebrated author and World-NetDaily investigative reporter Jerome Corsi February 19.
Each SOTU as given by Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, a second-term President Barak Obama, and a bonus address from Rick Perry, highlights what each administration has wrought upon America.
The positive sentiment grew further still after the SOTU, with 44% seeing things in the country as going in the right direction.
Obama's 2013 SOTU offered lots of rhetoric, but clashed with both the nation's economic reality and the administration's own record:
Obama will be participating in a "Fireside Chat" of his own, answering Americans' questions regarding his SOTU speech and the issues and policies he laid out in the address.
Eshbaugh-Soha (2005) paired analysis of the SOTU with evidence that policy issues were repeated or reinforced in other speeches ("going public").
Obama's SOTU, Yet Another Disappointment for Taxpayers by MacMillin Slobodien During a time of record annual budget deficits and public debt, the country, more than ever, needs solutions to its fiscal problems.
Behr and Iyengar 1985; Cohen 1995; Lawrence 2004), but SOTU messages go beyond highlighting which issues are important.