SOTUSSenate of the United States
SOTUSState of the Union Speech (US presidential speech; also seen as SOTU)
SOTUSSolely Outside of the United States (US FDIC)
SOTUSSeniority Order Tradition Unity Spirit (college initiation system; Thailand)
SOTUSShare Ownership Top-Up Scheme (Singapore)
References in classic literature ?
Sotus Ecobius discovered in Central Asia a whole nation of people who hibernate.
Trump did not appear particularly happy with the Democrats' vapid response to his SOTUS on Jan.
The comments came less than a week after he criticized the Democrats for not applauding his SOTUS. Trump said the Democrats' attitude might affect any congenial discourse on Bipartisan Legislation.
To enhance its overseas business, MCAG agreed to a business and capital tie-up with SOTUS and acquired 10% of its outstanding shares in 2011, to secure a production base in the growing Southeast Asian market.
In 2013, in order to strengthen its development capability in Southeast Asia, MCAG established a formulation research hub together with SOTUS, which has since become an important partner to MCAG.
MCAG acquired all the PA-owned shares of Sotus to increase its shareholding ratio to 16.2% of Sotus's total shares.
After his third SOTU, Washington wrote that "motives of delicacy" had deterred him from "introducing any topic which relates to legislative matters, lest it should be suspected that [I] wished to influence the question" before Congress.
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