SOUESeries of Unfortunate Events
SOUESociety of Oxford University Engineers (UK)
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4, ere have been burned o-erings in the past, tears over dodgy soues and unusual, and sometimes inedible, food combinations.
Soues are easily made and, providing you don't fa about too much, yield great results every time.
Any leftover soues can also be used for making the modern-day twicebaked variant, which is a great one for dinner parties where you have more on your mind.
Contract notice: Preparation and execution of an operation of agricultural and forest land management in the municipalities of bovelles, briquemesnil-floxicourt, cavillon, ferrieres fluy, fourdrinoy, the mesge oissy, pissy, saisseval, seux with extensions of ailly-sur somme, bougainville, clairy saulchoix, guignemicourt, molliens-dreuil, picquigny revelles, riencourt, saveuses and soues