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That sentence, which was originally included in the Declaration on the Rights of the Child, was reportedly included as a compromise during negotiations on Article 1 that soug ht to define a "child." (69) CRC drafters were concerned that it could be interpreted as protecting the rights of the "unborn," and in the official record of the negotiation included a statement clarifying that the preambular paragraph did not intend to prejudice States Parties' interpretation of Article 1 on the definition of a child or any other CRC provisions.
Three of them cook and serve food in rented small shops (as it is the case in Soug Al Naga), while the others were located in sheds.
The Muslim Cultural Festival of Liverpool also gets pounds 5,000 for an Arts Soug bazaar in July and the Guild of Students Afro - Caribbean Society pounds 2,400 for a Black Awareness Week in October.
The pipelines had soug ht special marketing programs for industrial customers to keep them from switching away from gas.
Equally, by highlighting the law and order issue and the need for responsible government to ensure that supplies of petrol are available for the emergency and other vital services, the government soug ht to redefine the dispute into a simple matter of law and order.
A huge new clock was made specially to disguise 1960s brick patching on the tower; downpipes were removed and rerouted to unclutter the imposing facade; one of the many bedrooms was sacrificed to let light flood into the main hall and craftsmen were soug ht out to create new plasterwork and oak joinery exactly matching the old.
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina A federal judge on Thursday indicted former President Cristina FernAaAaAeA ndez de Kirchner on treason charges and soug her arrest over allegations that she covered up possible Iranian involvement in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.
The new chief financial officer is to succeed Oystein Soug who became the firm's chief executive officer in November 2016.
In El Obeid, the capital of North Kordofan, demonstrations of secondary school and university students together with citizens reached the Soug El Kabir, chanting against price increases.
According to the Tunisian diplomat in Tripoli, some 300 armed Libyan insurgents, from Soug Jomaa, a district of the capital, caused trouble at the airport and prevented the taking off of the Tunisian Airbus A320 aircraft, to make pressure on the Libyan government, so that they hand them over the perpetrators of the trap made, on Friday in Beni Walid, to inhabitants of their neighbourhood.