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SOURSource (genealogical term)
SOURSound of the Underground (band)
SOURSoftware Use and Reuse
SOURSpecific Oxygen Uptake Rate (property of soils or sludges, expressed as mgO2/g dry weight)
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She felt so sour and unrelenting that for a few minutes she almost forgot about Dickon and the green veil creeping over the world and the soft wind blowing down from the moor.
"Salt instead of sugar, and the cream is sour," replied Meg with a tragic gesture.
Laurie took Amy to drive, which was a deed of charity, for the sour cream seemed to have had a bad effect upon her temper.
In a by-yard, there was a wilderness of empty casks, which had a certain sour remembrance of better days lingering about them; but it was too sour to be accepted as a sample of the beer that was gone - and in this respect I remember those recluses as being like most others.
"An I must drink sour ale, I must," quoth Robin, "but never have I yielded me to man before, and that without wound or mark upon my body.
When he came to the forest the little old grey man met him likewise, and greeting him, said: 'Give me a piece of your cake and a drink out of your bottle; I am so hungry and thirsty.' Dummling answered: 'I have only cinder-cake and sour beer; if that pleases you, we will sit down and eat.' So they sat down, and when Dummling pulled out his cinder-cake, it was a fine sweet cake, and the sour beer had become good wine.
It was all the old story over again, with this difference, that the soured man was sourer; the gray head, grayer; and the irritable temper more unendurable than ever.
Yes, Heaven is thine; but this Is a world of sweets and sours; Our flowers are merely - flowers, And the shadow of thy perfect bliss Is the sunshine of ours.
'It is true, sir,' replies Venus, winking his weak eyes, and running his fingers through his dusty shock of hair, 'that I was so, before a certain observation soured me.
'Yes, but hang it,' says Wegg argumentatively, 'a well-governed mind can be soured sitting!
Baking: Using sour milk in case the regular milk runs out will not be as bad as it might seem since the ingredients in the baked goods will overpower its taste.
There is something uniquely beguiling about the sour cherry.