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SOVShades of Violence (gaming clan)
SOVSchedule of Values (American Institute of Architects)
SOVSeparation of Variables (differential equations)
SOVSummary of Violations (California)
SOVScars of Velious (Everquest)
SOVShare Of Voice
SOVShut Off Valve
SOVSingle Occupancy Vehicle
SOVSymphony of Voices
SOVSons of Vulcan
SOVSingle-Occupant Vehicle
SOVSolenoid-Operated Valve
SOVService Operations Vessel (offshore wind industry)
SOVSubject Object Verb
SOVStrafrechtelijke Opvang Verslaafden (Dutch: Criminal Drug Addicts)
SOVSave Our Valley (various locations)
SOVSales Order Value
SOVSpace Operations Vehicle
SOVSuperior Ophthalmic Vein
SOVSostanze Organiche Volatili (Italian: volatile organic compounds)
SOVShot on Video
SOVStatement of Values
SOVService Oriented Virtualization (computing)
SOVSeguro Obligatorio de Viajeros
SOVSilicon Oxide Varistor
SOVSolothurnischer Organistenverband (German: Solothurnian Guild of Organist; Switzerland)
SOVSword of Valor (from the game Tibia)
SOVSolicitation of Views
SOVSwords of Villanousity (gaming guild)
SOVSource of Verification (project management)
SOVStade Olympique Voironnais (French rugby club; Voiron, France)
SOVShort Option Value (investing)
SOVSource of Volume (marketing)
SOVSoil Organic Vapor
SOVSide Open Vest (Pinnacle Armor Company)
SOVSex Offender Verification (background database)
SOVSound On Vision
SOVStatement of Volatility
SOVStatement of Variance (accounting)
SOVSymphonie Orchester Vorarlberg (Austria)
SOVStar of Victory
SOVSystem Operations Validation Test (LSE Space Engineering and Operations AG)
SOVSubstitution of Vehicle (insurance policy amendment)
SOVSubstance Organique Volatile (French: Volatile Organic Substance)
SOVSud Ouest Vacances (French: Southwest Vacations)
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On the other hand, SOV aneurysms in patients with connective tissue diseases like Marfan syndrome and Loeys-Dietz syndrome cause annuloaortic ectasia resulting in dilatation of all three SOVs and thereby progressive effacement of the sinotubular junction (3).
In SOV MR images, SSB typically appeared as a saddlebag-shaped hyperintense area between the inferior surface of the coracoid process and the superior margin of the SSC [Figure 1]d.
It reports on Pashto to be an SOV language as well.
Cift tarasi karotis anjiografisinde, her iki tarafta Barrow tip D KKF saptandi; ancak SOV boyutlarinda belirgin bir genisleme yoktu.
An SOV approach to race would rely on biology for a definition.
After removing and replacing the bad SOV, LCS fan, and SOV cannon plug, the system op-checked 4.
The dark blue Sov has done 107,000 miles and comes with extensive history, even a DVD of the Princess wafting around London.
SunJet, the inkjet ink division of Sun Chemical, announced that its Crystal SOV solvent inks have achieved approved status from print head manufacturer Xaar plc for use on XJ128 200+ and XJ128 360+ print heads.
1) En vez de sov rojc 'abuelas' qui debio decir solamente sov 'abuela'.
Givon (1979), for instance, posits a long-term unidirectional change from SOV to SVO.