SOVAMSociete Des Vehicules Andre Morin
SOVAMSociété des Véhicules André Morin (French automobile dealer)
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High-speed modems link the Washington and Moscow Macs via Sovam satellite communications.
Founded in the 1960s, SOVAM produces a wide range of GSE products for the civil, and military aviation markets.
French manufacturer SOVAM has been producing ground handling equipment since the 1960s and is well-known for its range of ground power units (GPUs).
Supplied by Sovam, these will obviously give passengers with mobility issues an easier transit between aircraft and building, while providing protection from inclement weather for all.
SOVAM is providing airlines and ground handling companies with a full range of GSE: PBB (airport and seaport); catering trucks; ambulift vehicles; passenger steps; conveyor belts; transporters; baggage and A/ C tractors; lower/main deck cargo loaders; maintenance platforms; container and pallet dollies; baggage carts.
Thirteen manufacturers have submitted designs, namely Aeromobile (tested on the A380 in Singapore), Byron Aviation (tested in Australia), Catcon (tested at Frankfurt), Doll, Estepe, FFG, HTR-Atlas, Inutsuka, Mallaghan, Smith TE, Sovam, Tesco and TLD.
Sovam entered this boarding bridge market in the early 1990s and was the first manufacturer in the world to produce a truly fully-glazed glass bridge.