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SOVSSomeone Very Special
SOVSSamenwerkende Organisaties Voetbal Supporters (Dutch: Cooperating Organizations Soccer Supporters)
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Wessex Plate [it ran] 50 sovs each h ft with 1000 sovs added for four and five year olds.
And she ses to me 'do it' and I dun it and she giv me a sov'ring and hooked it.
She gave me half a sov. this half, and perhaps'll double it next, if I keep in her good books."
The SOV reflected the consolidation of the ERs from a municipality or city.
This is where SOVS comes into the picture, literally.
Thus aortic root is made of the aortic valve leaflets, the commissures, the interleaflet triangles, SOVs, sinotubular junction, and the annulus (10, 11).
These "trip chains" save time and have probably been the central factor in the continued growth of SOVs (the number of new solo drivers grew by almost 13 million in the 1990s).
We need to tackle the single-occupant vehicle (SOV, not SUE.
Another IRS procedure(20) allows taxpayers to obtain a statement of value (SOV) for certain works of art contributed to charity or includible for income, gift or estate tax purposes.