SOVTSystem Operability Verification Test (US Navy)
SOVTSystem Operational Verification Test
SOVTScottish Open Volleyball Tournament (UK)
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After that, the SOVT arpeggio can be coupled with large body movements.
The singer then alternates the SOVT phrase with the actual text until the transfer is secure.
For instance, in order to work on the last series of melismas in Purcell's "I'll sail upon the dogstar," Berton Coffin's "standing wave" SOVT posture might work well.
To begin, SOVTs can be divided into three categories.
The following positive attributes of SOVTs may have more practical application for teachers of singing.
The goal is to relate (and transfer) the sensations of forward vibration and vocal tract freedom experienced with the SOVTs with sensations occurring while singing on vowels and words.
This tongue fronting can be used to assist vowels (especially back vowels) that follow the pilot SOVTs. For example, the teacher and student could experiment with /za/, /na/, raspberry as a lead-in to /a/, /ra/, /ja/, /da/, or any of the other back vowels on a comfortable pitch in front of a mirror in order to determine which SOVTs are most effective at encouraging a more forward tongue position during the vowel.
The author often encourages his students to do several cycles through a "circuit training" set of the four SOVTs just mentioned as a warm-down after lessons or choral rehearsals.
For example, PEO C4I and the Fleet Readiness Directorate (FRD) at SPAWAR are digitizing and automating System Operational Verification Tests (SOVTs) through the SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic Interactive Test Procedure tool.