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SOWStatement Of Work
SOWShadow of War (video game)
SOWSource of Wealth
SOWSubordination of Women
SOWSongs of Worship
SOWScope Of Work
SOWSpecial Operations Wing
SOWSpirit of Wipro (corporate sponsored race)
SOWSave Our Waterways (environmental group)
SOWSign of Weakness (Wyckoff trading theory)
SOWSpeaking of Which
SOWStart on Windows
SOWSchemes of Work (Department for Children, Schools and Families; UK)
SOWSound of Water
SOWSuspension of Work
SOWSave Our World
SOWShare of Wallet
SOWSpirit of the Wolf (Everquest)
SOWStand-Off Weapon
SOWServing Others Worldwide (San Francisco, CA)
SOWShow Low, AZ, USA (Airport Code)
SOWSuperstars of Wrestling (TV Show)
SOWSeal of Wisdom (gaming, world of warcraft)
SOWStart of Word (computer programming)
SOWSwitch on Wheels (telecomunications)
SOWSpecial Order Weapon
SOWSent on Way
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The app displays sow history and enables recording of daily events onsite, reducing costly accuracy mistakes, and eliminating the need for a data entry bureau.
The comprehensive results will help to evaluate the difference in sows' physiological and psychological responses between loose and confined system and provide an important scientific basis for improving the welfare of sow production.
Radish can be sown straight in to the ground so make sure the space you are going to sow is weed free.
I sow two seeds at a time and take out the weediest.
If you want a perennial meadow composed of grasses and wildflowers, sow a perennial mix and an annual mix together.
You can sow carrots now and get a crop in six weeks.
Sow hit eight goals in his first 12 competitive games for Hearts but tore a thigh muscle in October's derby draw with Hibs.
We also worked alongside our vet to ensure sow health is in order.
Now is the time to sow spinach and onions, pictured right
The SOW is a foundational element for a successful acquisition.
Farmers have been able to sow seeds in only about 20 percent of the targeted areas.