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SOWASpecial Olympics Washington
SOWASouth of Washington (Boston, MA)
SOWAScouts of the World Award (UK)
SOWAService Order Work Aid
SOWASerbian Orthodox Welfare Association, Inc. (est. 1981; New South Wales, Australia)
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Mr Majaga had said that Sowa was ideal to be transformed into a salt-producing hub due to its proximity to a 'huge' salt pan, where sodium carbonate was mined.
Project leaders Professor David McGillivray, Project Lead and Professor at the School of Media, Culture and Society at UWS; Dr Bernadette Quinn from Technological University Dublin, and Professor Wojchiech Sowa, Chair of HERA
According to Finextra, Ulli Spankowski, CEO of Sowa Labs, said, 'Bison is the first cryptocurrency trading app from a provider in Germany.
This must have caused it considerable distress so it's a miracle it did not die from shock, the cold or being run over," Sowa added.
The Biggest Little Brother is exactly that; offering a main character in Sowa that wants to be helpful and is so excited to welcome this new member of the family.
While "The Biggest Little Brother" is her first book, Jalloh is currently writing at least two more children's stories that will continue the saga of Sowa and his siblings.
Anethum sowa and Myristica fragrans essential oils showed no activity against MDR S.
| New tenants at Dundas Arcade: from left are Alex Stevenson of |Mattress Outlet and Kevin Wilson of Kindamagic, letting agent Richard Wilson of Dodds Brown and new tenant Bernie Sowa of Diamond Heaven
In Springfield, the city recorder, Amy Sowa, every week culls from the mayor's and city councilors' inboxes all emails that fall into three categories: emails sent by city staff to the full council; any email exchanges between members of the public and individual councilors; and any emails sent by one councilor to the rest of the council.
Men-Tsee-Khang represents the Tibetan Medical System (Sowa Rigpa in Tibetan, Sowa means to Heal and Rigpa means Knowledge), one of the world's oldest known medical traditions.
In an opinion penned by Marek Sowa (EPP, Poland) and adopted in plenary on 31 May, the CoR noted that the proposal for an amendment of this directive(1) does not sufficiently take into account procedures in force in the member states and calls for a much more flexible approach.