SOWCState of the World's Children
SOWCSystem One World Communication, SA (various locations)
SOWCStatus of Women Committee
SOWCSubmarine Officers' Wives Club (various locations)
SOWCSouth Oakland Warming Center (Berkley, MI)
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Ford has designed a Rocker-type SOWC that uses an electromagnetic element in the cam plate to attract the pawls housed in the pocket plate to engage and transfer torque between raceways.
There are many benefits to SOWC. In the low/reverse position they save space, reduce spin loss, reduce complexity, and reduces cost.
The complexity of a single friction clutch is greater than a SOWC. A friction clutch in a modern automatic transmission has in it's parts list a solenoid, a valve, wormtrails, cushion plate, friction plates, separator plates, pressure plate, multiple snaprings, belleville spring (or coil springpack), piston and seals, balance dam and seals.
A comparison of the energy consumed by a hydraulic pump that clamps friction packs to the Hybrid electrical SOWC gives a sense of the difference in energy consumed.
SOWCs have numerous benefits over traditional friction clutches.
However, Simplex method cannot be used in the case of the QoGS method because it is impossible to create an equation system for selection of the best SoWC; there is a lack of information about the time of the task fulfilment.
When the CB applies the QoGS method for selection of the relevant resource, it takes the SoWC from WC storage.
The easiest way to obtain the best SoWC is to generate all possible combinations of the weighted coefficients (SoWC) for the Cloud parameters in specified variation limits, to calculate the [Q.sub.nk] (see formula (1)) with each SoWC for each
The SoWC, which pointed out the Cloud, which executed the test task fastest, is considered as the best SoWC.
It is necessary to emphasize that different but reiterating SoWCs generated among all possible SoWC can be found.
In the beginning of the algorithm an initial SoWC must be set.
If the algorithm was executed once, then the best SoWC determined in the previous calculations is set as initial SoWC.