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Fur-free cotton seed be sown at the rate of six-kilogram per acre in case of seed germination strength of 75 per cent and eight-kilogram in case of 60 per cent germination strength.Field must be levelled to get desired number of production plants per acre and to ensure that inputs reach all plants uniformly.Sowing should preferably be done by drill and farmers should arrange almost 10 per cent more than required seed so that it can be sown again in case of low germination.
In interactive maximum stem diameter was observed in Hagari sown on ridges whereas the lowest was recorded in JS-2002 sown by broadcasting method (Fig 3).
Overall, 98.35 percent wheat sowing target has been achieved so far all across the country, as the crops have been sown on 8.687 million hectares of land against the target of 8.839 million hectares, official data revealed, adding that during the year 2017-18, wheat crop was sown on 8.833 million hectares of land.
Chandigarh [India], Nov 20 ( ANI ): The sowing of wheat in Punjab has been completed in an area of 26.20 lakh hectares, which is 77 per cent of the total area to be sown under wheat, said Jasbir Singh Bains, Director, Agriculture, in a statement.
Dr Sagheer Ahmed of the Cotton Research Institute says because of high temperatures cotton crop needs frequent watering but challenges Chaudhry Anwer's views that the current heat wave has burnt the sown seed.
There is a similar situation in Vidzeme Province, for instance, even the largest farms in Gulbene Region have sown half of the winter crops they had been planning to sow.
Better stand establishment and grain yield were observed in turbo seeded wheat in comparison with happy seeder and zone disk tiller sown wheat.
The spinach sown on raised beds produced taller plants (34.50 cm), followed by ridge bed (furrow) pattern (34.00 cm).
The relatively higher germination of the seeds obtained at harvest and also at 30 DAH from early sowing could be that, the early planted crop availed sufficient time for reproductive development, seed filling and maturity than the late sown crop.
[9] evaluated the effect of sowing dates on the productivity of spinach and reported that spinach sown on 20th October produced significantly the highest yield.
Carol: You can sow sweet peas in the autumn, but they'll work equally well sown now - though they may begin to flower a bit later.
Half-hardy annuals cannot so are sown in seed trays or pots and kept under cover, potted on and only planted out when the risk of frost is past.