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Thus, in the parable, the Word of God is sown in all "types of soil," not just on "rich soil.
There is a similar situation in Vidzeme Province, for instance, even the largest farms in Gulbene Region have sown half of the winter crops they had been planning to sow.
Healthy and disease-free seed of wheat be sown at the rate of 60 kilogram per acre.
Better stand establishment and grain yield were observed in turbo seeded wheat in comparison with happy seeder and zone disk tiller sown wheat.
The spinach sown on raised beds produced taller plants (34.
The maximum seed viability recorded in seeds obtained from September 15th sown crop might be due to favorable environment conditions, temperature and moisture content of seed during the storage condition (Table-3).
Hardy annuals are usually sown directly into the ground and though this is often undertaken in early spring, they can be sown in autumn.
Longpods are the hardiest of the beans, producing slender pods with kidney-shaped beans inside, which are sown in autumn.
Punjab-96, MH-97, BWP-97, Panjnad-1, AS-2002, Inqlab-91, BWP-2000, Uqab-2000 and Bhakkar- 2002 sown at different planting dates.