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She might have married well, a mort of times, "but, uncle," she says to me, "that's gone for ever." Cheerful along with me; retired when others is by; fond of going any distance fur to teach a child, or fur to tend a sick person, or fur to do some kindness tow'rds a young girl's wedding (and she's done a many, but has never seen one); fondly loving of her uncle; patient; liked by young and old; sowt out by all that has any trouble.
One of the biggest names in Arabic-language podcasting is Jordan-based Sowt. "We specialize in narrative-driven audio, rather than interview-based shows.
In that context, "Eib" -- Sowt's flagship show about taboos in the Middle East, which gets 10,000 to 20,000 downloads per episode -- is a resounding success.
Sowt is available for free, as a web-based network or a
The 32-year-old has made it to the semi final of The Voice Ahla Sowt, which airs every Saturday night on MBC1.
The 32-year-old has made it through to the next round of The Voice Ahla Sowt, which airs every Saturday night on MBC1.
They gained traction through the songs 'Sowt El-Horreya' (The Voice of Freedom) and 'Ya El Midan' (Oh you, the Square), in reference to Tahir Square, a focal point for political protest and activism in Egypt since the 70s.