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SOXSarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (public company accounting reform)
SOXSound Exchange (file/standard)
SOXSemiconductor Index
SOXPhiladelphia Semiconductor Index
SOXOxides of Sulfur
SOXSchema for Object-Oriented XML
SOXLow Pressure Sodium Lighting
SOXSupercritical Oxygen
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In the 1970s, the Red Sox traded Sparky Lyle to the Yankees, where Lyle became an ace reliever, for Danny Cater, who did little.
He said the JetHawks ownership has received assurances that the Red Sox are committed to sending current and former players to Lancaster to build a relationship with the community.
SOX projects require participation from many levels of an organization, and for Sec.
7, 1986 Angels 1 Fenway Park Angels 8, Red Sox 1 32,993 2:52 Mike Witt Roger Clemens None
The Phillies were actively shopping Abreu, but because they still were spending so much on Thome's contract, they weren't about to make the same type of deal the White Sox received.
In the article, several of those surveyed indicate that when possible, some smaller companies that are able to privatize will do so to get out from under SOX.
Guillen already is suggesting again that he might walk away from the White Sox.
The Angels finally looked to have the White Sox sized up when they took a 5-3 lead in the fifth inning on a a two-run home run by Orlando Cabrera.
The inaugural broadcast was a tremendous success, with participants asking educated questions and providing interesting feedback -- they were especially concerned about the Red Sox slipping in the American League East standings," said Jerry Remy.
The White Sox, in turn, looked like the same team that blew through the American League Championship Series in their 2-1 victory.
An Extensis customer since 1999, the White Sox organization began the implementation of Portfolio as a solution for the team photographer to manage the hundreds of images collected during each game.
Just like in last season's American League Championship Series, everything seemed to go the way of the visitors in an 8-5 White Sox victory.