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In Section 3.1, the sentence "The modeled SoxC structure is well illustrated in Figure 1 with red, cyan, and magenta shades representing [beta]-sheets, [alpha]-helices, and interspersing coils, respectively" should be changed to "The modeled SoxC structure is well illustrated in magenta shades in Figure 1 with prominent secondary structure conformations ([beta]-sheets, [alpha]-helices, and interspersing coils)." In Section 3.2, the sentence "The entire protein was interspersed with coil regions.
Although seven genes, soxXYZABCD, are known in the S-oxidizing multi-enzyme (SOX) system, the Vok has a SOX system lacking soxC and soxD genes (SOX-CD).
Citation: "The Chromatin Remodeler CHD7 Regulates Adult Neurogenesis via Activation of SoxC Transcription Factors"; WeijunFeng et al.; Cell Stem Cell, 2013; 13 (1): 62 DOI: 10.1016/j.stem.2013.05.002