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SOYAStudio of Young Artists (Hamburg, Germany)
SOYASociety of Young Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)
SOYASons of Young Africa
SOYAShame On Your Ass
SOYASnyder Owens Young Anderson
SOYASpell Out Your Acronyms
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However, some people are not in favor with the high consumption of soya. It has high amounts of isoflavones that experts said contribute to the development of breast cancer.A
The report issued on WiseGuyReports, concerning the Soya Flour Market states every actionable force disrupting the Soya Flour Market growth.
While palm oil still leads the edible oil imports at 2.8m tonnes in 2018, the exponential increase in soya bean seed consumption in the last few years has made it an import bill staple.
Western Dry Foods Ltd team leader James Kuria said farmers interested in growing soya beans will sign contract with his company and would be paid between Sh38 and 40 per kilo.
The soya bean plant is native to China, where it has been cultivated for well over 13,000 years.
Invigorate Foods is planning to invest Rs 600 million in the next three years in plant, equipment and other capital goods required for manufacturing of soya milk products in India.
Soya awards have traditionally been held in Nairobi but the organisers have decided to take the 15th edition to the coastal city.
Since January this year, SOYA has been releasing songs through the "SOYA Color Project," taking the letters 'S,' 'O,' 'Y' and 'A' and releasing the songs "Show," "OASIS" and "Y-shirt."
The management of Chi Limited, makers of Hollandia Soya Milk, announced the introduction of a new 100 ml sachet, to further provide an accessible dairy alternative for its consumers.
China will import soya beans from North Kazakhstan region.