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SP2TSingle-Pole Double-Throw (switch)
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One class of switches is the single-pole, multi-throw switch - SP2T (single-pole, two-throw), SP3T and SP4T products that have symmetric, or balanced RE performance at each port.
The MASWSS0006 SP2T has 0.35 dB insertion loss at 1 GHz and is housed in a miniature SOT26 package.
Dow-Key Microwave displayed a family of low cost, miniature PCB-mounted switches operating to 3 GHz, including SP2T fail-safe, transfer and bypass switches.
A coaxial single-pole, double-throw (SP2T) function relay provides a cost-effective approach for high volume, high performance wireless communications equipment, as well as automatic test equipment and a variety of test and monitoring instrumentation.
The nonreflective SP2T switch, used once in the module, uses FET devices arranged in lowpass series/shunt configurations to optimize broadband performance; isolation is greater than 60 dB.
Both matrixes are available in designs using terminated or unterminated SP2T switches.
Seven amplifiers and six SP2T switches are used to meet the gain and control requirements.
A circuit layout and simulated performance of a SP2T switch is shown in Figure 6.
Figure 1 shows a peak transient value of 320 mV for an SP2T PIN diode switch with its input terminated.